For Sale Nickerson Folding Over and Under 12 Bore

I need to free up some space in my cabinet to fit in a Semi Auto 12 bore I have just bought so I have decided to sell off my Nickerson Folding Over and Under 12 bore. I will try to describe it as accurately and honestly as possible but if you have any questions regarding the gun or require any more detailed photos please feel free to ask. This shotgun is a Nickerson Over and Under Folding 12 bore. The barrels are 27.5 inches long and are chambered for 2.75" cartridges. The barrels are choked at Full and Half as far as I can remember but I am not 100% certain of that and the gun is fitted with a Green "Ruby Fibre Optic Sight". The bluing is a little thin in places but all there. The gun is 44 inches long in total with a LOP of 14 inches. It has a comb raiser fitted which can be easily removed by taking off the 6 cartridge holder on the butt, it also has an adjustable Butt Pad fitted. The wood work is in reasonable condition with the normal signs of wear and tear on a gun of this age, however there is a very small hairline crack just behind the action about an inch long - It is so fine that you have to look pretty hard to notice it but it is there and I will not hide it or try to cover it up - I believe that it just about shows on one of the photos. The action is nice and tight but there is a very small amount of wear on the pin that the underlever pivots on, this is only a small amount of wear and it does not make the gun unsafe in any way at all! I can't say exactly what weight it is but I can say that it is a little lighter than my Laurona Over and Under 12 Bore. It has a single trigger and is a non-ejector. This isn't the Rolls Royce of shotguns and that is reflected in the asking price, however it will be a very good reliable and cheap "first gun" for a novice wanting to get into rough shooting or hide shooting or even a "back up gun". I would like to see £80 for this shotgun but I am open to sensible offers.

Contact Pete for more details.




.223 Boxed Factory Ammo for sale

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 55gr 3x20 15 per 20

Hornady 55gr VMAX 55gr 1x20 15

Hornady 55gr FMJ-BT practice 2x50

10 per 50 Federal 55gr Soft Point 1x20 10

Remington 55gr MC (metal cased) 3x20 8 per

20 PPU 55gr SP 1x20 5

Contact Bruce for moredetails



German Anschutz 520-61 self loading .22lr Barrel length 23 3/4" 10 shot magazine Barrel threaded for a moderator and a set of 3X9 - 40 scopes fitted to this "ready to go" outfit.

Price - £145.00 O.N.O. Contact Ian for more details.


Webley Patriot Air Rifle for sale.

Its a FAC .22 Springer complete with telescopic sights.

This FAC Rated Air Rifle shoots at 23 ft/lb and is in Very Good Condition.

Priced at 125 ono.




For more details please contact Steve Bostock






















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