Chadderton Rifle and Pistol Club Charity Clay Shoot

In aid of The North West Air Ambulance

Sponsored by Towers Of Rochdale,

North West Gasses and Foicchi UK

Held on 20th August 2017

Well at long last and after much planning the North West Air Ambulance Charity Clay Shoot arrived and the weather looked quite good. The original plan was for people to turn up at 09:00 to set the course up and arrange things but a few members happily turned up at 08:00 so that we could get the water boiler and generator on the go as well as make a start on setting things up. I would particularly like to give a very special thank you to Baldrick for his early start and his tremendous help in this. Desmond (Marlene's son) arrived at my home and transported Marlene and a couple of her friends who were doing the catering along with numerous trays of all sorts of edible goodies (It looked like enough to feed a small army) so also a big thank you to Desmond who I know just like Marlene (Like Mother like Son) doesn't do Sunday Mornings too well.

Once members and guests started to arrive at 09:00 it was all systems are go. Paul and Ian Kemp started giving the visiting shooters their safety talks while other members set about making sure that the course was set as I had asked for while I was running about trying to do everything at once as well as ferrying visitors about from the car park to the shooting ground. While all this was going on Andy and Luois were booking everyone in and making sure that they either had a valid shotgun certificate or signed a Section 21 declaration.

Come 10:15 we were at last ready to start the Novice 25 Bird Down The Line Shoot. We have to remember that most of the visitors had never seen or handled a shotgun before let alone fired one so each visiting shooter had to have a member/mentor with them to show them the ropes and keep an eye on all safety aspects. Some of the visitors shot very well (I suspect that a few of them were not quite as novice as they made out to be which was a little disapointing for all the other novices) and others took a fair bit of coaching by the Club Members but eventually we got them all hitting a few clays and enjoying themselves and there looked to be a heck of a lot of smiling faces when they had finished so that part of it was job well done - Thank you to all of the members who spent their day helping and mentoring the visitors and making them feel welcome.

After the Novices it was time the course to be reset and the experienced shooters and club members to show their skills. I purposely set the traps to make the birds as testing as possible. By now the time was getting on and fortunately the members shoot went a little quicker and some very good shooting was seen with some very respectable scores shown on some quite tricky birds. (I even managed to get third place myself so who says that miracles do not happen?)

The plate shoot was set to be ongoing throughout the day with a couple of our experienced club members running it. Again thank you to all of you that just "mucked in" without having to be asked, it was great to see all the members working together, you were all a real credit to the club!

While the members DTL shoot was going on we started the Visitors Simultaneous Pairs competition. This was 10 birds set so that the visitors/novices had two birds in the air at the same time, which gave them a bit of a challenge but they did OK on this and seemed to enjoy theirselves.

All the time that the shooting was going on Marlene and her "Girl" (Margaret and Joyce) were keeping everyone watered and fed with a huge spread of filled rolls and cakes all washed down with cups of tea and coffee and lots of of banter. I think that now is a good time to say a huge thank you to Marlene and her friends who worked tirelessly keeping everyone well watered and fed. Marlene was busy till late on Saturday night preparing all the filled rolls on her own as well as spending a great deal of her time throughout Friday and Saturday baking cakes - I'm told that her Lemon Drizzle Cake was a huge success (It must have been as there was none left for me) and people were asking for the recipe, so a very special huge thank you to Marlene for everything that she did while still trying to support me through all of the planning and running of this event!

We would also thank Karen (Andy's wife) and her friend who worked so hard throughout the day selling raffle tickets and running the "Guess How Many Cartridge Cases in the Box" competition. And of course to every one else that helped in their own individual ways to make the day a tremendous success.

I had set myself a target of raising £500 for the North West Air Ambulance from this charity clay shoot and I am delighted to say that it raised a total of £688.50 which has been handed to David (The representative from NWAA who was present throughout the day). I am expecting to get a full official reciept from NWAA which I will scan and put on here as soon as possible so that you can all see where your money went.

We also had Rosalyn Roden from the Oldham Evening Chronicle with us all day along with her photographer. Rosalyn has contacted me and has said that she will be doing a full article in Tuesday's evening paper so as soon as I get either an online link or a PDF copy of the newspapers I will put them up on here for all to read.

OK, now for the results:


Novice 25 Bird DTL shoot

1st Darren Smith with 22/25 - 2nd Charles Lang with 19.5/25 and 3rd David Lloyd-Jones with 17.5/25


Members 25 Bird DTL shoot

1st Brian Dunbavin with 20/25, 2nd Richard Hughes 19.5/25 and 3rd Pete Bony 17.5/25


Novices Simulated Pairs

1st A Johnson with 7/10, 2nd M Bostock with 6/10 and 3rd Jake trimmings with 5/10


The Plate Shoot was won by Louis Tweedale (Sorry I forgot the time but well done Louis)


As I said arlier I had given myself a target of raising £500 for the NWAA. Thanks to the wonderful support from every single person that came we passed that target with flying colours and raised a total of £688.50 which was given straight to David who was there as the official representative of The North West Air Ambulance. As soon as I have the Official Reciept I will post a copy of it on here for all to see.

All that remains now is to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our sponsors - Towers Of Rochdale, Norgas Cartridges and Fiocchi UK and of course to each and every one of you who helped towards making this event such a success. Without your help and without you bringing so many visitors/novices with you to make this event the wonderful and happy time it was this event would never have been possible.

I raise my hat to each and every one of you! Once again THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

For those of you that are interested here is a link to the short video that I shot:

Unfortunately The Oldham Evening Chronicle has just finished trading. However I did manage to get a paper copy of the report. I have done my best to scan the article and paste it together so that visitors to this site can see the article that Rosalyn Roden from the Oldham Evening Chronicle presented. Here is the link but please be aware that it is quite a large page. Click here for the full version of the Oldham Evening Chronicle article.

Below are a couple of the photos from the prize giving.