We shoot on Ellenrod Farm Milnrow, with the kind permission of the Marshall family. The club has the use of a field with a natural high backstop. It is only a short walk from the farm to the field. The shoot does not start until 10.00hrs. But we arrive from 09.00hrs. The charge you pay covers insurance, shells and clays. Shooting is from 5 cages with a separate cage for tuition or competition. Launching the clays, are 3 remote launchers and 2 mechanical launchers. The club owns o/u and s/s shotguns, for anyone to freely use. We sometimes also run a speed plate shoot at the same time. Shooting is in 2 halves; with a short break for refreshments (you bring your own). All participants share the job of setting up and putting away the shoots equipment. All new participants must go through a safety talk, before the shoot. If you own a shotgun, your licence will be required to verify its use.



We must now inform you, of Section 21 of the 1968 Firearms Act.

This says that if you have been incarcerated for between 6 months and 3 years. You cannot handle a firearm for 5 years. If you have been incarcerated for greater than 3 years. You cannot handle a firearm at all.



Now what you see above is the clinical information on our Clay section. What you see when you arrive though, is basically a group of fellow shooters having a laugh. Theyíre there for a pleasant morning and good company. We are not a serious club (except on safety) so expect a ribbing and a bit of humour. Itís not to say we donít compete, we do. But itís not the be all and end all. Everyone chips in, to help the meet run smoothly. This doesnít work at times though, which is par for the course. Itís also well known the organisers are always open to bribery and corruption, (usually butties and bikkies!). Please remember the meet is run in a field and so the correct foot wear would be advised. If you wish to join us please e-mail us for further details.

Chadderton Rifle and Pistol Club Clay Pigeon Shooting Section



Clay Shooting

No shoots in 
January or February

19th March 2017 (Meet at 09:30)
 - cleaning up 
day to prepare for the year 

9th April 2017 (fools / fun shoot)

30th April 2017

28th May 2017

25th June 2017 (Ellenrod Cup)

16th July 2017

6th August 2017 
(Alan Marshall Cup
Simulated Game)

20th August NWAA 
Charity Shoot

3rd September 2017

1st October 2017

29th October (Bonfire Shoot)

3rd December (Rescheduled) 
(Julie Bostock Memorial Shield)

10th December (Whisky Shoot)

A NewClay Pigeon Shooting Trophy to Shoot for!

The Julie Bostock Memorial Shield" which has been very kindly donated by Steve Bostock is an annual challenge shield which will be shot for at each of the November Clay Shoots.

For more details please click here.



Click Here for Clay Shooting Results for the 2016 season

Click Here for 2017 Clay Shooting Results.


Plate Shoot ongoing all season, ends in November along with averages.

An invitation to shoot at Rixton Astley Shooting Club

John Webber of Norgas cartridges is now running Rixton and Astley Shooting Club and is a qualified instructor. He has contacted Pete and very kindly offered to invite any C.R.P.C. members to shoot there with their members on any of their shoot dates at their members prices. If anyone is interested in this they can get details about Rixton Astley Shooting Club and the dates of their shoots by visiting their web site at and should take their C.R.P.C. membership card with them: